What is ceramic tile adhesive

Tile adhesives also known as ceramic tile adhesives are new materials for modern decoration, which will replace the traditional cement sand. The bonding force of tile adhensives is several times that of cement mortar, which can effectively paste large-scale ceramic tile and stone materials to avoid the risk of brick dropping. Tile adhesives has good flexibility to prevent empty drum production. Tile adhesives are mainly used for pasting tile, floor tile and other decorative materials, widely used in interior and exterior wall, floor, bathroom, kitchen and other building decorative venues.Michem produce the best tile adhesive.

best tile adhesive
best tile adhesive

There are many types of tile adhesives and tile adhensive brand such as best thinset for shower walls,acrylic tile adhesive vs thinset,lowes tile adhesive,glue for bathroom tiles,dap weldwood multi-purpose ceramic tile adhesive,vinyl tile adhesive,tile adhesive for shower ceiling,waterproof tile adhesive,shower wall tile adhesive.

Its main characteristics are high bonding strength, water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, good aging resistance and easy construction. It is a very ideal bonding material.

Tile Adhesive Formula:

1.Formulation of Ordinary Ceramic Tile Glue

Cement PO42.5330
Sand(30-50 mesh)651
Sand (70-140 mesh)39
HPMC Cellulose Ether4
RDP 10
Calcium Formate5

2.Formula of High Adhesive Ceramic Tile Adhesive

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC)2.5
Calcium Formate3
Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)1.5
Styrene-butadiene rubber powder18

Application Scope of Tile Adhesive:

It is suitable for the pasting of indoor and outdoor ceramic wall tiles and ceramic mosaics, and also for the waterproofing layers of the interior and outdoor walls, pools, kitchens and bathrooms, basements, etc. It is used for ceramic tile pasting on the protective layer of external thermal insulation system. It needs to wait for the protective layer material to maintain to a certain strength. The base surface should be dry, firm, flat, no oil pollution, no dust, no defilm agent, etc.

Tile adhesive in construction
Tile adhesive in construction

 Ceramic Tiles adhesives Construction Method:

1.Surface treatment

All surfaces should be firm, dry, clean, non-shaking, non-greasy, wax stain and other loose materials.

The painted surface should be roughened to expose at least 75% of the original surface.

After the completion of the new concrete surface, it should be maintained for six weeks before bricks can be laid, and the new plastered surface should be maintained for at least seven days before bricks can be laid.

Old concrete and plastering surfaces can be cleaned with detergent and then rinsed with water. The surface can be dried before bricks are laid.

If the substrate is loose, highly absorbent or the surface dust is difficult to clean, Rebangshi bottom oil can be applied first to help the bonding of ceramic tiles.

Tile adhesive
Tile adhesive


Put the powder into clear water and stir it into paste. Pay attention to putting the powder after putting the water first. Artificial or electric agitators can be used when mixing.

The mixing proportion is about 6-6.5 kg of powder 25 kg of water and 6.5 kg of powder 25 kg of additive 6.5-7.5 kg of water.

The stirring should be adequate, with no crude powder as the criterion. After stirring, it should be put in a static position for about ten minutes before it is used.

The mortar should be used within 2 hours according to weather conditions (the crust on the surface of the mortar should be removed or not used). Do not add water to the dried mortar before using it.

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