Sulphonate Melamine Formaldehyde Resin SMF Superplasticizer MC-3021

Sulphonate Melamine Formaldehyde Resin SMF Superplasticizer  (MC-3021 Universal Type)

Product Description:

Michem® melamine superplasticizer (MC-3021) is a sulphonate melamine formaldehyde type superplasticizer. It has the advantage of non-entraining, good whiteness, no corrosion to iron, and excellent adaptability to cement. It improves the strength and anti-permeability of concrete. It has good workability, water retention and steam-curing adaptability.

Technical Data

Appearance White Powder
Water Content(Powder) ≤4.0%
Ph-value(20℃)(20% solution) 7.0~8.0
Concrete Water Reduction Ratio ≥14.0%
Concrete Air Content ≤3.0%
Dosage Recommendation in relation to weight of binder Cementious:0.3~1.0%

Gypsum: 0.2~0.5%

Application field:

  1. High-strength gypsum, gypsum-based self-leveling floor, gypsum plaster, gypsum putty.

2, cement-based self-leveling floor, water resistance floor, repair mortar, special high-strength mortar.

  1. As-cast finish concrete / bare concrete, early strength concrete, high-endurance concrete.

Usage and precautions:

  1. Please keep the product away from eyes, mouth and skin carefully during use. Protective gloves and glasses are recommended. Rinse with plenty of water after accidental touch.
  2. The powder product absorbs moisture easily to crack. Please store in unopened packaging at usual ambient temperature. Don’t stack up too high.
  3. This product is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-flammable.

Packaging, storage and Shelf life

Packaging: Plastic bag 25 kgs / bag (customized packaging and weight available)
Storage: Store in a ventilated, cool and dry environment, to prevent the sunshine and rain.
Shelf life: 12 months since the production date.

Please make test before use if the product is out of the expiring date.


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