HPMC for Hand Sanitizer

Methylcellulose hand sanitizer CAS No.:9004-65-3

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose for daily use is a white or slightly yellowish powder, which is odorless, tasteless and nontoxic. A solvent that dissolves in cold water and organic compounds to form a transparent, viscous solution.
HPMC has surface activity, high transparency, and strong stability, and its dissolution in water is not affected by pH. It has thickening and anti-freezing effect in shampoo and shower gel and has water retention and good film-forming property for hair and skin.
Cellulose ether (antifreeze thickener) used in shampoo and body wash can greatly reduce the cost and achieve the desired effect.

HPMC Sanitizer Features:

HPMC Sanitizer

1. Low irritation, high temperature, and sex;
2. Wide pH value stability can be ensured in the range of pH value 3-11;
3. Enhance the recuperation;
4. Increase foam, stabilize foam, improve skin feeling;
5. Effectively improve the liquidity of the system.

The application scope of daily chemical-grade cellulose hand sanitizer ingredients HPMC:
Slobber, liquid soap, cleansing cream, lotion, cream, gel, toner, conditioner, styling products, toothpaste, mouth water, and toy bubble water.

The Role of HPMC for Hand Sanitizer:

In the application of cosmetics, it is mainly used for thickening, foaming, stable emulsification, dispersion, adhesion, film formation and improvement of water retention performance of cosmetics.

High viscosity products are used for thickening, low viscosity products are mainly used for suspension dispersion and film formation.

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